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Thanksgiving Fundraising


Offer the Convenience of "easy pick up" on Thanksgiving Pies at your school or work location, and watch your fund raising profits increase! Most people who order will order more than one due to having a large gathering or just wanting to have the traditional Apple and Pumpkin Pies. Many people will go to someone else's house and are asked to bring a dessert. In addition everyone has a special someone that absolutely loves a particular pie and that goes into the order as well. You can see how the order will add up, Thanksgiving is the one holiday everyone celebrates and homemade pies are the "traditional" dessert.

Wemrock offers special fundraiser prices on orders of twenty pies or more.


Pies Available For Large Order and Fundraisers


= Best Seller Pies

Call today for more information.  All groups must register and provide their completed order by the date specified.  Registering will ensure your group with a specified pick up date/time and will enable us to deliver your pies. 

Contact Susan for more information