Our Bakery

Our Bakery

Wemrock Orchard's has a fully functioning bakery on-site at our country store. Walk into the market and the smell of fresh pies baking will hit you. That smell of cinnamon, nutmeg and those famous apple cider donuts will tell you that they were made fresh that morning. On weekends customers can enjoy samples of pies, apple cider donuts and other bakery delights.

Mostly known for our homemade pies, Wemrock Orchard's also makes a host of other homemade bakery items. Using all natural ingredients and no preservatives has proved to be a winning combination which keeps our customers coming back. The same recipes are still being used from 40 years ago and if you look at our ingredients, you will not be disappointed.

Popular Bakery Items

§Home-made Pies & Pie Tarts

§Old Fashioned Apple Cider Donuts

§Seasonal Donuts (e.g. strawberry, pumpkin)

§Crumb Cakes (vanilla & chocolate)

§Fresh Breads (e.g. challah, rye, sour dough)

§Country Pound Cakes

§Homemade Cookies

§Strudels & Turnovers

§Muffins & Brownies

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